Lis Cashin

"Lis is an inspiring and engaging communicator and trainer, which makes it very easy to understand and absorb the content. I learned lots about how I relate to myself and others that I can now apply in my work and life" - Stuart (business coach)

In this 10 minute video Lis Cashin talks to teachers around how to have 'Leadership without control' using a core value R.E.A.L approach

Lis is passionate about helping people to discover more of who they are and what they stand for and then to connect and communicate with others authentically and in integrity. In the course of her work she discovered there were common areas where people wished they could communicate more effectively and she has created Connected Communication to support in these areas.

Through her own personal and professional development journey Lis learned different modalities and ways of approaching relationships that have helped her to transform her own personal and professional relationships. She now loves to share these learnings with other people so that they too can speak with integrity, say what they really mean and to be heard.

Lis is a qualified life and business/leadership coach, master and business NLP practitioner, and Familylab seminar leader. An experienced facilitator she has worked with thousands of adults and young people over many years supporting them to reach their full potential and to create fulfilling lives and relationships. Lis is an associate member of the Professional Speakers Association.

Her coaching and training style follows 3Cs – curious, challenging and compassionate!

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